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Episode 71 - Carl Bruiners, Agile Coach

A different episode today - a chat with a professional Business Agility expert (or, Agile Coach) Carl Bruiners, discussing how the principles of flow and Kanban could relate to different sports, including Brazilian JiuJitsu.  Best engage your brain for this one!

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Episode 70 - Break a leg

Still in lock-down, the boys talk about the Craig Jones vs Vinny Magalhães match (and the shocking finish) the dangers of amazon when bored/drunk/locked down/all of those things!  Check out @hipoutclothing on Instagram




Episode 69 - Lockdown pt2

Hear how the guys are dealing with the COVID-19 lockdown.  What makes them laugh, and what infuriates them!

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Episode 68 - Lockdown pt.1

Hear how the boys are coping with lock-down and how JiuJitsu continues in an online capacity!

It's tough to find positives in this situation, but more frequent episodes of BATG? Got to be worth a little something!  ;)  

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Episode 67 - Social Distancing

The gyms are closed, and the boys are over Skype - crazy times!

Episode 66 - Baby Yoda Do Do Do Do Do Do

Episode 66 - Paul talks about Grapplefest 7, fan-boying at the REORG end of Year gathering and The Mandalorian.  Mark tries not to cough directly in to the Mic!

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Episode 65 - Jiu-FITSu

Episode 65 - The boys discuss the day,  spent coaching at a comp; some upcoming milestones for the Podcast (69 dude) and Paul reveals something unknown from his childhood... 

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Episode 64 - Tie Fighters with Typewriters

After an 8 month break the boys are back - we catch up on 2019 ADCC and the upcoming Grapplefest 7 (as well as the usual nonsense!)

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Episode 63 - All Filler, No Killer

Episode 63 - The first of 2019 and the competitions are already coming thick and fast.  The Midlands Interclub division is looming, and hear about the behind the scenes from pantheon. Available on iTunes and Podbean.  Music: Warporn Industries.

Episode 62 - Ben Poppleton 3

Ben joins the Podcast for the third time, and tell us about how he started training Judo and BJJ, his early days training in Brazil and his  involvement in the new association 'Gordo BJJ Europe'. 

His book Surviving the Gracies should be out next year (we hope)

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